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A Spindle Brake for the Mini Mill

Spindle Brake
A while back, I noticed that if I had a Dial Test Indicator (DTI) in my mill, usually to check alignment of a vise, the reading could be off if the spindle moved even slightly. I needed a way to lock the spindle. There are plenty of spindle locks for the Sieg X2 (sold by Harbor Freight Tools, Grizzly Industrial, Inc., and others), but that mill has a slightly different head owing to it’s gear drive vs. the belt drive (and higher torque motor) on the Sieg SX2 (sold by Little Machine Shop, Micro-Mark, and others). No spindle lock was available for the SX-2. I thought of making my own, but…

Little Machine Shop recently started carrying a Spindle Brake for the Sieg SX-2 mill. Made by Preist Tools, Inc, this is a wonderful addition to my mill, securing the spindle. Most people will use this when tightening the collets, but this will really help with accuracy ensuring the vice or part being machined is properly oriented on the mill’s table.

About the only negative is you can do some serious damage if power is applied when the pin securing the spindle is engaged. Update: It was inevitable. I accidently turned on the mill with the spindle brake on, and no damage occuredd. There is another model that includes a safety switch, but it’s more than twice as expensive, and the bottom surface isn’t flat. I need a flat bottom to attach my LED spindle light, and I can live without the interlock, so this is the unit for me.

In short: highly recommended upgrade for those of you with the Sieg SX2.

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