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Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part III

Part III was supposed to have more on the construction of my PFE R-40-26, but since part II, Tony Thompson has written an unprecedented three consecutive blog entries about this car. You can find them here: Kitbashing a PFE R-40-26 Kitbashing a PFE R-40-26: Update Kitbashing a PFE R-40-26: Update 2 Tony’s raised a few […]

Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part II

I was asked how easy was it to cut the sill to make the bottom sill notched like the R-40-26, so I thought I’d answer that question in this post. E-A-S-Y! Let’s take a look at the back of one of the sides: I’ve already cut away the portion that’s not needed, but you can […]

Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part I

On a lark, I bought an Accurail #8504 Plug Door refrigerator car (reefer). It was an impulse buy – on sale for $12 at M. B. Klein. I don’t remember reading about this car, especially in discussions of PFE Reefer models. When the model came, I found a kit that was very darkly painted, but had […]

X31F Part 1: Early Progress

In part 0, I discuss the inspiration and background for this model. Sunshine Models had produced a resin kit of the Pennsylvania X31F, but the owner has retired, and the kits are no longer in production. Fortunately, Bowser produces a model in styrene – a medium more modelers are comfortable working with. Breaking news: David […]

X31F Part 0: Introducing the Pennsylvania Railroad X31F Box Car

What’s an SP modeler doing modeling a Pennsylvania freight car? And an oddball car at that? Rest assured, I’ve not turned into a Slobbering Pennsy Freak (SPF for short). However, freight car rosters should reflect the time and place you want to depict, and the sheer number of Pennsylvania freight cars that were around, even […]

Southern Pacific C-30-1 Caboose – Part 1

I started work on some Southern Pacific C-30-1 cabooses a couple weeks ago. The Southern Pacific (and it’s subsidiaries) had more cabooses of this class than any other class. It’s a mandatory model for anyone modeling the Steam or Steam-Diesel transition era, and I didn’t have any. For more information, please see Tony Thompson’s blog, or better […]

“Have You Used Your Mill Yet?”

  A friend of mine asked – Have you used your mill yet? The answer is Yes! I built a fixture to hold N-scale locomotive shells so that I can drill accurate holes for various wire detail parts, like grab irons (sometimes called Hand Holds), and lift rings (much like an eye bolt). This fixture […]

Palatka Railfest 2011

Today I went to the Palatka Railfest, held at the Amtrak depot in Palatka, Florida. Despite two of my friends bailing out on joining me, I had a great time! There were a few vendors of the major scales – N, HO, and O scale. There were some very impressive HOn3 models on display from […]

eBay Caliper Deals – follow up

Well, the calipers came, and I was a bit disappointed. They feel very rough. Much rougher (sliding) than the Harbor Freight calipers. So I ordered another pair of 6″ calipers from Harbor Freight, and they were a bit rough, too. Not quite as rough as the eBay deals, but not as smooth as my older […]

Mini-Mill – Part 0

After years and years of avoiding this purchase, I finally broke down and bought a mini-mill. While I’d been envious of other model railroaders who had and used such a mill, I really couldn’t justify the expense for what I needed to do, versus what I wanted to do. Technically, what I needed was a […]