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O’Neil’s Country Buffet

Route by Jim Sparks Jim Sparks and I had a wonderful day driving our MX-5s (“Miata” to most) for a lunch at O’Neal’s Country Buffet in Thomasville, GA. Evidently, Jim had invited several First Coast Miata Club members, but I was the only one to accept. It was about twice as long as a normal […]

Gondola Decals

Good news for Southern Pacific modelers! Protocraft has reversed it’s policy and started offering decals in HO scale. The company had previously stated it was going to stay in the O-scale market, and leave the HO market to others. Included in this change of heart, there are several decals for Southern Pacific GS Gondolas. Decals for […]

White Decals, Part 2

Well, I know this is hard to see, but that’s part of the problem If we had white lettering on a white background, it should be invisible, but it’s not. Where the embossing powder is thin enough to reveal print detail, it’s thin enough the black ink shines through. Where it’s thick enough to be […]

White Decals, Part 1

I have a couple of projects where I need to print my own decals. A particular problem with printing decals is how to print white? Most printers don’t print white. They rely on the white of the paper. But if you’re printing on something that isn’t white, like clear decal film, the vast array of […]

Vacation in Cusick, WA

Anna and I are vacationing in her home town, Cusick, WA. Many people wonder, why Cusick? Sometimes I wonder, too. But sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Oh, and being in cattle country, the beef is excellent!

Mini-Mill – Part 1

It turns out that getting the mill was a little premature. Three things are needed before I can start setting up the mill: I had to have room for the mill. I needed light for the mill I needed a support for the mill Let’s go over each of these. I. I had to have […]