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eBay Caliper Deals – follow up

Digital Calipers

Well, the calipers came, and I was a bit disappointed. They feel very rough. Much rougher (sliding) than the Harbor Freight calipers. So I ordered another pair of 6″ calipers from Harbor Freight, and they were a bit rough, too. Not quite as rough as the eBay deals, but not as smooth as my older pair, either.

The eBay calipers don’t seem to automajically shut off, either. This can be a plus. I’m not sure that LCD display draws much current. I mean, a small solar cell can power a much more elaborate display, and run a calculator. It’s a little unnerving to come back after a full week business trip, and find that I’ve left my calipers on.

Next up, I want to find some 12″ calipers. Harbor Frieght has them, but they’re seldom on special. I just might go back to eBay.