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Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part II

I was asked how easy was it to cut the sill to make the bottom sill notched like the R-40-26, so I thought I’d answer that question in this post.


Let’s take a look at the back of one of the sides:

I’ve already cut away the portion that’s not needed, but you can see other portions that are “ready to cut.” These areas are molded about half way through, so there’s less material here. I used a rasor blade to chop the diagonals, then nipped in between with a Xuron High Precision Shear, sometimes called a sprue nipper by modelers. After the rough cuts were done, I dressed the area with sanding boards to get a nice smooth, flat surface. I had to freelance the area under the bottom door guide.

You can also see in this back view the back side of the PRECO ventilator fan bearing block (a Details West part – more on this part and the rest of the kit in part III IV – change of plans!), and some holes I plugged with 0.020″ styrene rod. I mistakenly drilled the sides to accept Kadee Grab Irons, but upon closer examination, decided these were the wrong ones to use, so I had to plug the holes I’d drilled, and redrill for the proper grab iron.

Part III soon, I promise!



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