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SP AC4400CW Radiators

SP 340 Radiator courtesy John MosbargerThe real deal: Southern Pacific #340 courtesy John Mosbarger. Click on image to enlarge.

Special thanks to John Mosbarger for allowing me to use his photo showing the radiator details for SP 340. To recap, let’s compare this to the Athearn and Kato HO models:

2013-08-10_D300_8759-eAthearn’s AC4400CW radiator grills.

2013-08-10_D300_8775-eKato AC4400CW radiator grills.

I think it should be obvious why I’m so disappointed in the Athearn tooling here. I’m not sure if changing the Athearn model is the way to go (sacrificing a $45 Kato shell just to get the radiator section). On the other hand, I now have the Kato AC4400CW shell, and it seems to be a lot more work to get the Kato AC4400CW(-CTE?) to represent the earlier Southern Pacific prototype.

I’m still waiting on the Atlas radiator section and cab from the Dash 8-40BW model, but upon further review, the radiator section is not usable. It has 6 smaller radiator sections instead of 4 larger ones, and is missing the panel to the rear of the radiator grills:

Atlas Dash 8-40B and Dash 8-40BW Radiator

Atlas Dash 8-40B and Dash 8-40BW radiator grills

I also need to revisit the Details Associates 2724 grills with the Details West DS-270 etched bronze walkway panels, trying to improve upon what I did back in 2004:

Athearn “Blue Box” AC4400CW with Details Associates 2724 grills and Details West DS-273 etched bronze walkway panels.

While the Kato looks the nicest, It’s an expensive option, and I’ll need some consistency if I do any more AC4400CWs or Dash 9-44CWs

By the way, take some time to visit John’s site on the Southern Pacific Shasta route, “The road of a thousand wonders!”

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