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PFE R-40-23 Part 0: Choosing a Representative Fleet

Pacific Fruit Express class R-40-23 steel refrigerator cars were ordered in 1946; deliveries began in January, 1947, and until that October. See Anthony W. Thompson, Robert J. Church, and Bruce H. Jones, Pacific Fruit Express, 2nd edition, page 173. The cars were numbered 46703 to 48702 (2,000 cars) and 5001 to 8000 (3,000 cars). Production was as follows: 46703 – […]

Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part IV

In this installment, I’ll discuss modifications to the sides of the Accurail 8500 Series 40′ Steel Plug Door Refrigerator Car to model a PFE R-40-26. The next installment will deal with the ends and roof, followed by the underframe, and finally painting, decaling, and weathering. Like many modelers, destructive work is done before constructive work. That […]

Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part III

Part III was supposed to have more on the construction of my PFE R-40-26, but since part II, Tony Thompson has written an unprecedented three consecutive blog entries about this car. You can find them here: Kitbashing a PFE R-40-26 Kitbashing a PFE R-40-26: Update Kitbashing a PFE R-40-26: Update 2 Tony’s raised a few […]

Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part II

I was asked how easy was it to cut the sill to make the bottom sill notched like the R-40-26, so I thought I’d answer that question in this post. E-A-S-Y! Let’s take a look at the back of one of the sides: I’ve already cut away the portion that’s not needed, but you can […]

Pacific Fruit Express R-40-26 Part I

On a lark, I bought an Accurail #8504 Plug Door refrigerator car (reefer). It was an impulse buy – on sale for $12 at M. B. Klein. I don’t remember reading about this car, especially in discussions of PFE Reefer models. When the model came, I found a kit that was very darkly painted, but had […]